We specialize in the Selling of Successful Businesses, viable Business concepts, Franchising, Business Management Consultancy, Business Valuations and Online Business Opportunities. The secret to our success is the many years of business experience in our top structure, and most important, our excellent service to all our clients, meaning seller and buyer, thus making sure they are number one.

We played a large roll in the successful rolling out of the Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts Franchise concept. More roll-outs of other exiting Business concepts will follow in 2017. Stay in contact! Online Business opportunities are a new addition to our Business offering as we believe this is the way forward for the future.

Contrary to popular believe here in South Africa, online shopping IS safe and secure!
E-commerce is on the rise in SA and we are not even close to reaching the popularity of it in countries such as UK / USA / Europe. But hey, we’re getting there! With payment gateway providers such as PAYPAL, PAYFAST etc.

who are making it there ultimate goal to ensure the safest payment processing online, sellers and customers alike can rest assured that their payment information is safe and that transactions are secure. The risk of pick-pocketing, hijacking, theft and other crimes here in SA are unfortunately higher than other countries in the world and it is actually safer to shop online from wherever your customer prefers – safely.

We invite you to embark on these opportunities by contacting us for information the latest offerings available