Launch date: Monday 22 May 2017!

Brief Overview of the Aetas Mobile Network Resellers Agency


Aetas Mobile mvno is a South African mobile network service provider utilizing Cell C’s infrastructure. We have just launched this life changing opportunity with a very unique product offering. Aetas mobile aims to shake – up the South African telecommunication industry the same way as what OUTsurance did in the short term insurance industry.

Product Offering

Our main product will be our ‘Club’ offering that will give the client the choice to redeem ALL the money spent on airtime for clothing and related products also offered by Aetas Mobile. No other such product offering exists currently in SA that can compete with our ‘Club’ product. Other product offered by Aetas Mobile will be – Prepaid airtime, data bundles, sms and mms. All our pricing is based on industry related cost models.

The ‘Club’ Product Explained

Every Aetas Mobile agency will have two distinct sections on their website. A ‘Mobile Section’ (we sell Aetas airtime, Aetas sim cards and other Aetas mobile related services) and a ‘Shop’ Section where we sell clothing and other related items.

The amount that the client buys airtime for on the Mobile section may be redeemed Rand for Rand on the Shop section for clothing etc. Clients may also buy clothing etc from the shop section and redeem ALL the money spent on the Shop Section for airtime in the Mobile Section. Eg: Client purchases a handbag for R400 from your Shop section. The client may then click on the Mobile section and immediately also receive R400 worth of airtime on their Aetas sim card!

Projected Aetas Mobile Agency Income

Our income model is a recurring income dream come true. You will earn +- R20 per client per month, Eg:

500 Clients = R10 000 income per month.

1000 Clients = R20 0000 income per month

10 000 Clients = R200 000 income per month

Aetas Mobile Agency Price

The initial price per Aetas Mobile agency will be R25 000 for the first 5 sold. Thereafter Aetas Mobile agencies will sell for R75 000 each.


(We only have a limited number of agencies left at R9000)



Team Aetas.

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